Friday, January 15, 2010


It was a day and a half sail from Barbados to Guadeloupe. We had not arrived by dark on the second day so we decided to anchor in the lee of Marie Galante island and sailed the remaining 12 miles the next day then anchored in a bay off the capital city of Point-a-Pitre. On the second night, we heard a marching band on shore and decided to take the dinghy in to see what was up. To our surprise, it was a carnival-type parade with over 20 different marching groups representing different towns and villages on the island. Although the sun was just going down, it was still quite hot but the groups danced up a storm dressed in bright coloured costumes and elaborate head dresses.

The next day, we rented a car and drove into the mountains to the national park. We had wanted to hike to some waterfalls that looked beautiful in one of the tourist brochures but when we arrived at the park, we were told that the access had been destroyed in the earthquake in 2004 and had not been yet repaired. We still hiked as far as we could through the lush green forests to a lookout where we could see the two waterfalls off in the distance. After working up an appetite, we had some grilled chicken on the side of the road where birds landed on the branches just feet from our table and 3 little weasel looking creatures skulked in the bushes next to us, no doubt waiting for us to drop them some crumbs.

The next day we sailed up the west coast of Guadeloupe to a small bay called Anse de Barque. There wasn’t much there except palm trees and little fishing boats which was just fine by us. We walked up the road and flagged down a bus which took us 10 miles up the coast to the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park, a protected coral garden with a statue of Jacques on the bottom in 30 feet of water. We didn’t go visit Jacques. We just sat at a café overlooking the water and watched the dive boats come and go.

Our last stop on Guadeloupe was Deshaies which is a really cute little fishing village with lots of restaurants serving French and Creole cuisine. We stopped in for lunch once day and had delicious grilled red snapper with spicy Creole sauce. Yum… We also ran into some old friends in Deshaies. One boat we had met in Menorca, Spain. One boat we had met in Los Palmas, Canary Islands and the other boat we had met 3 years ago in Bahamas. This world just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Next stop… Bahamas.


Blogger chris said...

its chris
you sounds like you are having a great trip what was you're fav place

2:49 PM  
Blogger tobogganride said...

What was our favourite place? That’s a good question. We have many favourites…favourite place for snorkeling, favourite place for friendly people, favourite place for scenery, etc. I think “favourite things” sounds like a good theme for a post-circumnavigation blog when we have some time.

4:04 PM  

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