Monday, May 11, 2009


We had light winds from Cyprus to Turkey and arrived on a beautiful cool, crisp morning. From many miles out, we could see the snow caps still on the mountains in the distance and when we were 2 miles out, we could smell the spring flowers.

Turkey is a wonderful mix of old and new. There are ruins everywhere of Roman theatres and Lycian pillar tombs, castles, and cities that have been covered by the sea. The landscape is very mountainous and the hillsides are covered with olive and carob trees between the rocky outcrops. The small harbours are packed with beautiful old varnished wooden boats which serve a HUGE tourist industry. In the old stone buildings there are high end shops and fabulous restaurants to serve the millions of tourists that arrive each year. Luckily, we are a month ahead of the tourist season so it isn‘t crowded yet and we were all by ourselves when we anchored at the base of the castle at Kale Koy.

From Calkan, we visited two World Heritage sites - Letoon and Xanthos where we strolled through the ancient ruins on a beautiful spring day.


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